Thanks for considering.  Jane has already sent framed picture copy of the Prefect display with ribbons from 2011 Santa Fe Concorso. Note it completed the long entrant drive!!! Enclosed with this email is copy of title, a 2011 email from Eric Hoover on which YOU are copied, about the Prefect and the Concorso.  Also find a very interesting history of the Dagenham Ford Prefect.  Built in Dagenham, Essex England initially in 1937, it was the first Ford ever designed outside of Michigan.

I also have a complete repair manual and various pieces of information, e.g. sales brochures, parts catalog. Later today I will look at a box of parts and various items that accompanied the car when we purchased.

Jane and I purchased the Prefect in 2006 from a man and his wife in Bingham, New York, with 46,126 odometer reading.  We have driven it less than 100 miles since purchase. I did not check the last odometer reading but its mileage in the last 12 years is the addition to the initial odometer reading.   The seller had restored the car and had shown in various local events. I have no records about the restoration, etc.  Since 2006 we have changed oil, purchased new tires, had carb and breaks adjusted and repainted the engine block.  No actual repair.

As we discussed, Prefects were never commercially imported to the US.  However a left hand drive model was imported to Canada and I always assumed this one was brought into the US through New York by the seller.

Remember when starting from cold: (1) Pull choke about half way.  (2) Depress the pedal twice, then do not depress again.  (3) Pull the starter and once running slowly depress pedal and push in choke. Easily flooded on the initial daily start, it takes about five minutes on a cold day to get the engine into drive condition. Remember, also, first gear is not synchronized.


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