Professionally restored 150 miles ago as a one owner, low mileage, rust free, all original ( no boy racer modifications) California car. The original owner was the wife of the Lincoln Mercury Pantera dealership owner in California, who drove it only 27,500 miles. The car moved to Arizona, and now lives in New Mexico, as part of an extensive car collection.

If you have dreamed of owning THE Perfect Pre L Pantera, this is the car to add to your collection. I’ve looked at dozens of Panteras and owned 2, and by far, this is the most pristine example I’ve ever seen. The paint is flawless and higher quality than new. The restoration is so perfect, so correct, the car was awarded 3rd place overall at the Monterey California all Italian car show 3 years ago (basically impossible for a Pantera to place there). Clearly, if you want THE best, and most original Pantera, this is the car. Pre Ls are lighter, faster, and better looking than Ls, and have greater HP and torque. This comes with the org 4 tires and rims (45 years old, for show) and 4 proper original Pantera magnesium rims and Avon tires for driving. Also the carpeted rear storage tray is included and as perfect as the rest of the car. Simply the best Pantera existing / available for sale. Come out to Santa Fe New Mexico to see it on the lift and test it on the road. Zero disappointment/ zero excuses.

I have been on eBay since 2001.  I have sold many cars into and out of my car collection to pleased buyers, hence the 100% positive feedback rating.  Many of my cars have gone all across the globe.  If you are bored or need to view more collector cars please Google my name Jim Hailey.  I am usually the first one up and see my other clunkers.  There are also more pictures of this incredible Pantera there as well.  Bring on the offers, bring on the professional inspectors and judges, because this Pantera might be the best in existence.


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