I present to you what I consider the grail of 1980 to 1992 Cadillac Fleetwoods and Broughams. 1980 was the last year for the¬†carburetor¬†6.0 Liter big block V8.¬† If you collect classic cars you know what¬†this means. ¬†It means the car can sit for months, if not years, and start/run without mandatory fuel injection issues, not to mention sensor issues common to throttle body injections. I have owned I guess all the drive train variations for this body car. ¬†The Buick 4.1 Liter V6, the Oldsmobile 5.7 Liter diesel, the 6.0 Liter V864, the HT4100, the Oldsmobile 307, the Chevrolet 305, and the Chevrolet 5.7 Liter. ¬†The 6.0 ¬†and 5.7 Liter Fleetwoods are easily the best. ¬†I prefer the 6.0 Liter because it is smoother, quieter, has a better transmission, and can last longer. ¬†The 5.7 is good but you can tell it is a truck engine, not to mention it is saddled with the love it or hate it pseudo Euro trim of the ’90 to ’92 years. Of course the LT-1 equipped Fleetwoods have the best engine, but that body style I doubt will ever be a classic. ¬†Same goes as a lesser extent to the ’77 – ’79 Fleetwoods. ¬†Those have the really good 425 V8, but the styling is not quite as good as the ’80 to ’89.

I have been wanting this car since I was 13. ¬†I went to sleep with the brochure on my head. Strange I know, but I couldn’t find one used when I was a 16 year old. ¬†It was never to be found. Ever. ¬†I looked at least monthly for decades. ¬†Literally. ¬†Sure you can find cars in need of restoration in ugly colors with inferior drive trains, but if you really know these cars then you realize how ridiculously rare this is. ¬†All options, the best color combination, and the very best year all things considered. ¬†Of course this is subjective, but I would like to think I know my way around these rwd Cadillacs.

This example has the dark claret firemist paint, elk grain padded top, and leather De’Elegance interior. ¬†All the super rare and expensive options; Factory CB, Astroroof, power driver and passenger recliner, automatic dimming, posi-traction, and genuine factory wire wheels. ¬†I have placed a nos ’85 Fleetwood Brougham front grill, front parking lights, and rear tail lights on this car. ¬†I like them better, I always thought the ’84 to ’85 trim was the absolute best. ¬†I would even place the chromeless body side protector moldings on this car if not for this being the last year of clipped on said trim. Of course, as pictured, I have all the original parts in excellent condition if you want to original look back. This leads me to tell you this car wears all its original sheet metal and body pieces. ¬†There is no bondo anywhere and most of the car is original paint. ¬†I repainted the hood (crazing in center, noticeable when a few inches away only) and trunk lid (repainted poorly under warranty by dealer when new), as well as did the absolutely necessary fillers (the new and expensive soft type as original), headliner, sail panels, and visors. All of these MUST be done if you want a Fleetwood you can drive and use. ¬†Period. ¬†All of these pieces fail in moderate to warm climates regardless of exterior element or exposure. ¬†They do not fail only by the sun. ¬†Glue and plastic just give way due to time. ¬†The car retains its factory original painted pin stripe in all places. ¬†The wire wheels are actually balanced and hold air without tubes! ¬†Of course they are in excellent original condition as pictured. ¬†The elk grain top has all its stitching and the driver’s tufted seat doesn’t have the usual scuff marks yet from getting in and out in the back side that DeElegance models endure.

Everything works on this car.  Period.  Fuel monitor system lights, all fiber optics, all lights in and out, all illuminated visor mirrors and covers, all power motors, trunk remote, power antenna, and trunk pull down. All power accessories work inside and out, nothing over looked.  She starts first time every time and idles smoothly.  Shifting is smooth and rattles are non existent.  She happily loafs at 70 mph all day.  I actually drove her 700 miles in one day several months ago. The steering, brakes, and suspension are all as tight as they should be for an ideally kept 35 year old car.  Cost no object on making this car as close to new as possible.     

I have been on eBay for 11 years and have sold several classic cars out of my collection here.  I am only attempting to sell this one because someone has put a gun to my head.  There are more pictures at jim hailey classic cars dot and a com. Call me if you prefer at 214 415 7373.

Jim Hailey 

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This is one beautiful car…. and so are the others in your Collection. I have your Buick Wagon on my “WatchList”…. a friend turned me onto them after having purchased one recently over in New Jersey. I did have 2 1990 Cadillac Broghams , but sold in the 2008 “Economic Crisis”…. have missed them ever since! And another friend has a 1937 Buick…. same color as your ’39 Cadillac. Envy your Collection very much! Congrats on your terrific taste!

Hello I came across your website searching for a 1980 Cadillac fleet wood
For my husband. If you could give me a call back I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you
Rani Allen

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