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1980 Cadillac Seville Elegante. ¬†6.0 Liter 368 cubic inches Cadillac cast iron big block V8. ¬†The absolute best year for the Seville of this body. ¬†Ask anyone into this era Cadillac’s and they will tell you the 6.0 Liter’s drive the best. This rare model was also the most expensive GM product in 1980. ¬†Elegante’s are rare for that reason and because 1980 and ’81 were recession years and auto sales took a dive across the board. It has taken me literally 30 years to find this car, that is how rare it is. You will know this if you closely follow Cadillac’s of this era. Finding a low mile 1980 or ’81 Seville even back in the late 80’s was difficult. Everyone kept them (consequently using them up) to avoid the¬†under powered¬†4.1 liter v8. That is exactly what my family did. ¬† ¬†

All options work, from a new power antenna to the cold ac and hot heat. Radio and speakers all work and are clear. All power accessories work, from the seats to the outside thermometer and twilight sentinel. The cruise control and level ride also work as designed. This is yet another turn key car out of my collection. ¬†Fillers and headliner have been replaced so no concern is needed for warmer environments. All fluids have been flushed within the last year. This is a not hit, no wreck, no bondo, rust free machine. It wears all its original body panels and trim. I tinted the windows because to me it emphasizes the shape of the car, I can easily remove it if desired. ¬†Also please note this Seville came with the Sport suspension (as it was called in 1980 on Seville and Eldorado) and alloy wheels. I have restored the alloy wheels and they are available for extra money. I added the touring¬†suspension¬†emblem from ’81 and up to denote the Sport Suspension option since no designation came from the factory in ’80. I like the look of the wires on this car¬†better (the Eldo and Sev wire hubcap of 1979 and 1980 represented the most complicated and expensive wire hubcap ever put on a GM car). ¬† ¬†

Please note I have been on eBay since 2001. I have shipped many collector grade cars all across the globe. This is one of the rarest, but only if you understand Cadillac’s. ¬†More pics are available at my web page, just Google my name, I’m usually the first result. ¬†

Jim Hailey’s Classic Car Collection¬†

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4 replies on “1980 Cadillac Seville Elegante, 6.0 Liter V8”

hi jim i love this car so much mine is still in progress to exceed to my expectations of perfection
may i ask you a few questions?
1:i have everything removed from my driver side door because the power window motor was broken now i have a new one but i dont know how and where to put everything back in the door…
2:my electronic climate control and MPG dont display dont work anymore and i have changed it with a new one but that dont work either…
3:my alarm of the car was broken and we have disconnected it but we needed to do a bypass because the car was running on 4 cilinders after we removed the alarm but i want to put a new Original alarm in it but do you know if it will work and if the car still works after the alarm is in and the bypass is removed? i have much more questions but for now i think this is enough thank you for youre time
with kind regards.
jan-daniel moes

I would hire an independent mechanic to come to the car and work on it for you. There isn’t all that much difference between Euro, Jap, Korean, and American cars. This advice goes for the window motor and interior electronics and alarm. There’s just too many things the problem could be for me to accurately guide you via messages. You need to check if your car came with the factory alarm in the first place. Is there a security light that flashes on the dash when you turn the key on?

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