If you know these cars you know what you are looking at here.  This is the rarest, most expensive and innovative GM car built in 1980.  It was the American king of the hill when that really meant something.  That was before GM destroyed Cadillac’s reputation or at least ran it down market in search of sales. 

A San Diego California car since new (until I bought it).  No rust and heavily optioned with the Elegante package and Astroroof.  I grew up working at one of the largest Caddy dealers in the country in Dallas Texas.  Let me tell you this car didn’t exist used in 1982.  I only ever saw one 1980 Elegante in my whole many years there.  It didn’t have the astro and it was already high miled and half way used up.  1980 was a major recession year and all new car sales were dramatically lower.  Couple that with the fact everyone knew 1980 was the best Cadillac to have, so the few available got used up quick. 

A desirable oddity here is the fact this car came with the California V8 gasoline engine supplied by Oldsmobile with throttle body fuel injection.  This engine was actually more powerful (by 15 hp) than the V8 gasoline engine mandated for federal use (rest of USA).  This is easily the smoothest most powerful version of the car I have ever driven.  Amazing it was California only.

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