Best original 80 to 85 Fleetwood Brougham Coupe I have seen yet. ¬†This Fleetwood Coupe wears its original paint, original fillers, and original headliner; all are in excellent condition. ¬†Special ordered car when new. ¬†Obviously has the rare astroroof of course. ¬†Even rarer is the Heavy Duty Ride package. This package makes the car ride and steer much better without a penalty in ride, heck the ride is even better in fact. ¬†I guess the name of the package scared the mental midgets who ordered the cars for the dealers back in the day. ¬†That wouldn’t have taken too much. ¬†Standard factory hubcaps are what this car came with, but I do have an excellent set of Fleetwood wire hubcaps should anyone want the me too look. Yes all the options work, including the climate control, rear load leveling suspension, electro luminescent opera lamps, and every other dog gone item. ¬†No scratches!!! ¬†Amazing.¬†¬†

There are more pictures of this Fleetwood at jim hailey classic cars dot and a com.  I have been on eBay for well over a decade (more pics at jim hailey classic cars with a dot and a com) and have sold collector grade cars out of my collection on this fora.  I do this for fun so I try to keep it that way.  Please ask any questions as visits and inspections are encouraged.  You can call me at 214 415 7373.   

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