Do you want a COLLECTOR GRADE vehicle or just another pseudo deal because cars look similar in pictures? This is collector grade, it needs to be kept in a dry and temperate garage like it obviously always has been. I’ve had lower mile Seville’s but none this nice to be honest. Purchased from the original owner’s estate via his son. Cherished and extremely well cared for, loaded with Touring Suspension, leather seats and steering wheel, graphic equalizer, and much more, just view the original window sticker below. All original paint and fillers/headliner redone. Rare Aspen and Jade two tone paint with Jade interior. Please note Michelin and Goodyear no longer make current  technology white wall tires.   You are better off drive quality wise with these than anything else available. As an aside the quarter inch white wall was the standard white wall for 1985.  Also the 4.1 V8 was revised in 1985 and made reliable.  So this Seville is the last year with the good engine in the rarest of colors.  

Please note I have been on eBay since 2001!  My eBay name has never changed and thus all the feedback you read is genuinely authentic and cannot be manipulated.  I have sold several cars out my collection to pleased buyers AROUND the world.  This Caddy is at my home in Dallas Texas and can be seen or inspected by appointment please.   More pictures are available at my website.  Just Google Jim Hailey Cars and I am the first one up.  Please call me at 214 415 7373 if you desire.

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