Up for sale is a 1986 Pontiac Parisienne with the rare astroroof option.   Only Parisienne I have ever seen with one in fact, and I have known these cars since my dad had one.  Loaded with tons of options and in excellent original condition.  This Pontiac has 36,000 miles which is also verified by records.  

The pictures should tell you what you need to know.   Please click on each picture every time for a huge blow up.  Everything works from the power antenna to the ac and heat. Fresh fluids all the way around and just out of storage. Fresh calipers and pads.  Positraction and power seats as well as cornering lamps are some of the other options; 307 V8 which was the largest one offered in 1986.  This Pontiac is for a serious collector and was purchased out of a serious collection.  

Please come and take a look and drive this extremely rare Parisienne/Bonneville.  I have bought and sold many collector cars on eBay over the last 14 years.  You can see more pictures at jim hailey classic cars dot com.  If you prefer you can call me at 214 415 7373.  Jim



1981 Bonneville Brougham Landau 096

83,80,Cads,86Paris, 07483,80,Cads,86Paris, 073

83,80,Cads,86Paris, 07183,80,Cads,86Paris, 07083,80,Cads,86Paris, 06983,80,Cads,86Paris, 05083,80,Cads,86Paris, 04683,80,Cads,86Paris, 04383,80,Cads,86Paris, 03983,80,Cads,86Paris, 03883,80,Cads,86Paris, 03683,80,Cads,86Paris, 03383,80,Cads,86Paris, 03183,80,Cads,86Paris, 03083,80,Cads,86Paris, 02983,80,Cads,86Paris, 02583,80,Cads,86Paris, 01983,80,Cads,86Paris, 01883,80,Cads,86Paris, 02983,80,Cads,86Paris, 01783,80,Cads,86Paris, 01683,80,Cads,86Paris, 01583,80,Cads,86Paris, 007

83,80,Cads,86Paris, 123 83,80,Cads,86Paris, 124



IMG_3019 IMG_3020 IMG_3021 IMG_3023 IMG_3025 IMG_3026 IMG_3030 IMG_3031 IMG_3033 IMG_3038 IMG_3040 IMG_3041

IMG_2454  IMG_2668 Parisienne 002Parisienne 005Parisienne 006Parisienne 007Parisienne 008Parisienne 009Parisienne 010Parisienne 011Parisienne 013Parisienne 015Parisienne 016Parisienne 018Parisienne 019Parisienne 020Parisienne 023Parisienne 025Parisienne 028Parisienne 029Parisienne 030Parisienne 031Parisienne 032Parisienne 033Parisienne 036Parisienne 037Parisienne 039Parisienne 042Parisienne 043Parisienne 046Parisienne 047Parisienne 049Parisienne 052Parisienne 054Parisienne 056Parisienne 059Parisienne 061Parisienne 062Parisienne 063Parisienne 065Parisienne 068Parisienne 069Parisienne 071Parisienne 080Parisienne 081Parisienne 095Parisienne 099 Parisienne 002 IMG_2675

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Had this same care 7 years ago, the springs had worn so installed lift bags, and electric antenna went out, and that was all need repaired, how much do you want and where are you locate ? I live north of pittsburgh

I have one for sale needs some restoring of interior and paint but I have a 455 that I put in it with all new seals and timing chains that I’d like to sale. Has 4core all aluminium radiator looking to sale it like to have 3500 on it

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