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No excuse, collector grade,  4,325 actual mile car!  Original right down to the correct date coded royal seal factory tires.  Purchased from a collector in Texas who bought it from the original owner. Highly optioned and as close to new as possible.  

Runs and drives as new (literally).  It all works right down to the power antenna, ac, heat, and power accessories.  No excuse, collector grade car, people who want a mere driver need not apply regardless the price.  Go look at comparables and then look at this one, don’t judge by photos alone.  

   I’ve been on eBay since 2002 and have sold some of my collector cars all across the globe.  Please contact me at 214 415 7373 with specific questions.  A picture or video is avaible of anywhere on this car sitting or driving.  Below is the history of this Pontiac as told by the second owner. 

Purchased the car in June of 2013 I believe. The original owner was Bill Phillion of grand Blanc, MI. He ordered it for his wife but she didn’t drive much. When she died he just left it in the garage.
Bill and I are both car guys, both GM engineers, and both GMI grads. I would see him at local car shows, he had a 1930 Stutz SV16 convertible that I loved, when Bill died I bought the Stutz and the Pontiac from the estate.
I kept it a short time, I have room for 7 vintage cars and something else came along.
I drove it maybe 100 miles, changed the oil and coolant, had the air charged, detailed it. It was like new.
Mike Hurley

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