COLLECTOR GRADE CADILLAC, not just another old used car.  Yes all cars look similar in photos but drastically different in person.  Don’t be yet another online casualty, buy quality.  

Extremely well maintained and stored, hence all original factory applied paint and fillers. Purchased from the original owner’s family.  It doesn’t get any better than this drive quality / option wise for the 90 to 92 Broughams.  Rare and incredible FE2 suspension with the coveted V92 trailer package.  Smooth ride, flat cornering, brisk acceleration from zero mph.  The ultimate ride and drive combo for the square body Broughams.  I should know, I’ve owned more than 20.  Yes the ac is cold (R134) and the heat hot.  All power accessories work, even the recliners.  Immaculate Car Fax. 

Please do note I have been on eBay since 2001.  My feedback is real and hasn’t changed since that time (hence it CANNOT be faked).  I’ve sold many cars out of my own private collection to ALL parts of the USA and world.  Inspections encouraged and well rewarded.   

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