The grail of 1990-1992 Cadillac Brougham D’elegance’s. I doubt there will ever be another one like this coming along again. This particular 1990-1992 Brougham has travelled only 6,383 miles since 1990, yes that is correct and not a mistake. What makes this car a grail? Well nothing except for the fact that it is loaded with pretty much every factory option including the oh so rare factory astroroof, wire wheels, 5.7 liter engine, FE2 ride and handling package, auto dimming mirror, factory security alarm & locking fuel door, gold edition, trumpet horn and pretty much everything else except for the factory CD player. In addition, this car is finished in probably the most sought after color combination there is Sable Black over Antelope tan leather interior. This Caddy comes with all it’s original gold keys, gold key delivery cassette tape, floor mats, trunk mat, owners manuals, factory build sheet (still under the rear seat) and original window sticker. There really isn’t much more to say…. Except….

This Brougham is a rebuilt/salvage title Cadillac. I’ve never represented a rebuilt-salvage title car in my 20 plus years of selling collector quality cars. But…. I’ve known this particular car since before the theft. That’s right I knew this car when it was bought from the original owner’s family in San Antonio Texas almost 10 years ago, many years before the calamity occurred. A fellow Cadillac collector and enthusiast bought it, stored it for years, and had it stolen along with three other collector cars. This one was found slightly dismantelled shortly after the theft (strong suspicion of an ex employee paid off). The only good news in all this was….

The car still had all its original parts lying around it. Yes that is right, the seats, front fenders, bumpers, valence, hood, trunk lid, etc. Doors, windows, and entire drivetrain was untouched. Dash was not touched as well. So there is a strong degree of integrity left in this Caddy. The owner got it back from the insurance company with the intent of having it put back together. After a couple years he never touched it and sold it to another Cadillac collector I know in Florida….

The collector in Florida took about a year putting it back as it was with the exception of a $15,000 paint job due to several inevitable scratches around the car. Almost $2,000 in nos gold emblems, and a hand painted factory like pinstripe round out the love and care this car has received. Receipts to prove cost. It has been put back together with it’s orginal parts, has a better than factory paint job, fillers replaced, and headliner redone. Starts, runs, and functions as designed when new. It will be discounted for it’s sorted history. It is a raging deal for those intimately familiar with cars and not pieces of paper.

I have been on eBay since 2002 and have sold MANY collector grade cars out of my private collection to pleased people all over the GLOBE.  I have sold well over 1 million in collector cars here.  Please go back and review my feedback, that cannot be faked or manipulated on eBay no matter what.  Please come or have inspected this Brougham.  More Pictures at my collection website, just Google Jim Hailey and I am the first one up.  Please feel free to call anytime to…  214 415 7373

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