1990 Mustang GT convertible with 31,000 original miles and a 5 РSPEED manual stick shift.  All original paint everywhere and very rare Deep Titanium metallic over light titanium metallic.  All factory body stickers are of course present.  No crazing or stains on the original paint.  Original factory installed Goodyear VR50 (gatorback) tires still on the car!  One previous owner before me (Seattle).  The original factory installed top has no tears, stains, or sun damage.  The 100% original interior has no tears, stains, smells, or sun damage. Trunk compartment has no stains or smells as well.  Ash tray door works as new. Radio, cassette, speakers, and power options all work. AC is cold and heat is hot. All fan speeds work.  Trunk and engine bay lights work as well as all exterior and interior lights. Cruise control works properly as well.  Top opens and shuts as new.  No wind noise whistles with top and windows up.  All wheels have no curb damage and no clear coat issues.  

This car is far nicer and cleaner than 31,000 miles suggest, those being low miles nonetheless. I owned a 1990 Mustang GT convertible new and put 50,000 plus miles on it over the course of 5 years.  Wonderfully fun automobile with one of the absolute best transmission and clutch arrangement/feel.  You can spend far more money than this on a classic car of any ilk and not have as pleasurable a time.  No rattles or squeaks inside or out.  Clutch behaves as new and transmission goes thru all gears smoothly and crisply.  

Please note I have been on eBay since 2002 and have sold cars stateside and worldwide.  This GT is located in Santa Fe NM at my residence.

Jim Hailey 214 415 7373m.


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