1992 Bentley Continental R

1992 Bentley Continental R

31,882 original miles, maintained as cost no object by my personal mechanic. Clean Car Fax.  Maintenance records available.  These were genuinely handmade automobiles and in 1992 (the first year for this body Conti. R) it was the most expensive car on earth.  Total Continental R production from 1992 to 2003 was only 1,292. Good information way below about this car in the link. 


Nowhere else online will one find a more maintained Conti R.  Receipts are available to prove.  5 new expensive and original brand Avon tires are on the car for example.  Everything works from heat/ac to all electrics and of course radio and speakers.  The hydraulic spheres have been replaced in the last 2 years.  The front-end rubber spring mounts have been replaced in the last year.  All known wear/time deteriorated areas for these cars have been addressed.  No one else mentions this because they just don’t do it, it is cost prohibitive.  The car drives as intended by the maker.


The steering wheel is perfectly centered, and the wheels have no curb rash or peeling paint.  Brakes stop the car with no shudder and a firm pedal.  The sport suspension setting works and tightens up the electrically adjustable struts as when new. No leaks under the car.  The only concession to modernity is a bluetooth radio and hands-free phone capability. 


Absolutely no rust is present on the car.  Please see the under-carriage pics below.  I have been on eBay since 2001 and have sold collector grade cars out of my personal collection on eBay many times since.  My cars have gone to pleased buyers all across the globe.  More pics are available online if you just Google Jim Hailey Cars.  Please call me at 214 415 7373 with questions or email, text, etc.  






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