Only 4,000 original miles.  The best and newest Fleetwood I have ever owned of this body style, and if you go to my webpage you can see I have owned 20+ low mile Fleetwoods (Search engine Jim Hailey Cars) of this ilk. If you want as close to new and original as possible this is simply it.  West Texas one owner before me, never even driven in the rain once (yes really). Clear and easily traceable history before me.

Please note it is still on the original factory installed Royal Seal tires (first year for the three quarters of an inch white wall versus the previous inch and a quarter). Everything works, fluids changed and all age related updates tended to; needs nothing to drive around town on a gorgeous Sunday. Rare options like CB, Auto Dimming center mirror, power driver recliner, locking fuel door, 3.42 rear differential ratio, Memory seat, and so many others.

1985 also began the revised and reliable HT4100 V8 engines. ¬†Reliability¬†problems from 1982 to 1983 had been rectified; Google to verifiy. ¬†Most 1984’s were good too for that matter and of course some 82’s and 83’s made it for decent miles. ¬†I’ve had around 10 HT4100’s and none have gone bad. ¬†None. ¬†

This is the best cosmetic year for the 1980 to 1992 body style in my experience. The prettiest, thin, non-chrome body side moldings, bronze parking lamp emblems front and rear, best grill (shared from ’82 up), and the best fit and finish of all the years (goes for 84’s too). Sure the drive trains got more powerful but everything else was slowly cheapened inside and out and Euro body cladding added, which still looks bizarre given the rest of the styling of the car. ¬†¬†

Please note I have been on eBay since 2001 and have shipped cars all over the world to pleased customers. More pictures on my website if you Google my name, I’m the first one up. ¬†Jim Hailey¬†

(214) 415-7373

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