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Factory ordered 850 with Individual paint in Montreal Blue Pearl (not available on 8 Series). Modified by Dinan to 607hp Twin Turbo V12 per the original owner’s request when almost new. $82,000 in Dinan receipts with documentation. Dinan also supplied a 3 year 36 mile warranty through BMW dealers with this conversion.

23,000 original miles on the car and complete history of the 850 since new. A no excuse Dinan 8 that is pure collector grade quality. For example I have the original window sticker, the BMW dealer special order form (also supposedly one of 7 or 8 BMW 850’s produced for the US market that year, and this was the last year for the 850 in the USA),¬†correspondence¬†between Dinan and the¬†original owner, Dinan receipts, and more. No hit or body repair ever done. No rust of course, CA car since new and then New Mexico car. Everything works and please call or text if you like at the number below. Outstanding aftermarket sound system with no quirks or power draws; I mean the thing is better than my 2017 Mercedes Burmeister or Range Rover Harmon Kardon. The transmission, differential¬†and brakes (BMW Euro) have¬†been upgraded as well. ¬†Some photos below but much more for the asking. ¬†

(214) 415-7373

Please note I have been on eBay since 2001 and have 100% positive feedback.  I have sold collector cars all across the USA and the world. Please have this Dinan 8 inspected or see it for yourself in person.  If you Gooogle my name (Jim Hailey) you can also see more pictures of this 8 via my car collection home page.  

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