Bought this ETC from the original owner in Kansas City. ¬†He was elderly and forced to move from his home in North Carolina to where his children were located. ¬†The ETC was bought new by him in Atlanta, which was the nearest city with an all option black on black ETC. ¬†I bought the car for a very dear lady friend who resides in Houston. ¬†She recently sold it back to me after many years of light use. ¬†Full history is easily verified. ¬†No repaint of body. New engine with 3 year unlimited warranty that is transferable. I installed it myself in my garage over a course of 6 months (I restore classic cars in my spare time, please search engine my name Jim Hailey to see my products and webpages). ¬†Many, many other wear items were replaced since we were there and suffered the might as well now than later when far more difficult. ¬†There is far more money in this car than the asking price. Probably the only Northstar on eBay right now you won’t have to cross your fingers and hope the dreaded head gasket issue doesn’t crop up sooner rather than later (the replacement engine has the latest head bolt locks and should go 200k miles if the internet is correct).

If you are unfamiliar with Northstar’s I heartily suggest you search engine the infamous head gasket issue that struck this one down at 61,000 miles. The new engine in this Eldorado Touring Coupe is a correct vin 9 type and performs flawlessly with no codes, leaks, odd sounds, or smoke. Everything on the car works. ¬†Everything. ¬†Literally. ¬†Come and see for yourself or have it inspected.

Tires and brakes are excellent, cold air and hot heat. Please note I have been on eBay since 2002 and have sold many collector cars worldwide. This is a collector car yet, but I couldn’t let it go to the junkyard being as nice as it is. ¬†It is even nicer and more reliable now.

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1990 LSC and ETC and AMG 1031990 LSC and ETC and AMG 0921990 LSC and ETC and AMG 0271990 LSC and ETC and AMG 0261990 LSC and ETC and AMG 0251990 LSC and ETC and AMG 0241990 LSC and ETC and AMG 0231990 LSC and ETC and AMG 0231990 LSC and ETC and AMG 0221990 LSC and ETC and AMG 0211990 LSC and ETC and AMG 0201990 LSC and ETC and AMG 0191990 LSC and ETC and AMG 0181990 LSC and ETC and AMG 0171990 LSC and ETC and AMG 0161990 LSC and ETC and AMG 0151990 LSC and ETC and AMG 0141990 LSC and ETC and AMG 0131990 LSC and ETC and AMG 0121990 LSC and ETC and AMG 0111990 LSC and ETC and AMG 0101990 LSC and ETC and AMG 0071990 LSC and ETC and AMG 0061990 LSC and ETC and AMG 002

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