All original and fully functioning SL600 r129 series. ¬†Many consider these to be the best future collectible Benz’s. ¬†Always a southern car so rust is a non issue. ¬†49,000 miles . ¬†No leaks of any kind, tires and brakes excellent. ¬†Recent maintenance of over $5,000 spent refurbishing power top hydraulics. ¬†No warning lights, no hydraulic leaks, no issues. ¬† All original paint except front bumper cover which I repainted due to scratches and rock chips ¬† Wheels have zero curb rash. ¬†Original paint has zero issues. ¬†Soft top has no rips, tears, and the rear plastic window is clear. ¬†

Please note I have been on eBay since 2002.  Sold many collector grade cars out of my collection to buyers all across the globe.  Please note my 100% positive feedback.  Please read my feedback as well.   Call me if you prefer at 214 415 7373.



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