1995 Infiniti Q45a with 47,000 original miles, from Florida


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The best year with the best options of the first and best generation Q45. 100% original paint and one previous Florida owner since new. Active suspension just serviced and working properly.  First generation was the only one that competed with the S Class, LS400, et al in 1990 at introduction. I worked part time at an Infiniti dealership in 1991 in Dallas and got to know these cars very well.  I even owned a little later a Q45 and a LS400. Both were world class cars (forgotten by many today as both have stayed down market or disappeared since) but the Q was the easy choice if you were an enthusiast. 1995 was the first Q with the better non plastic timing chains that don’t need changing.  In 1996 the Q45a or Q45t were no longer imported and horsepower dropped.  The “a” is the full active suspension which this one has and it has been thoroughly refresehed which is no easy or cheap task. Brand new Continental tires. This is a car, particularly with full active, that will corner flat no matter the speed.  It simply had and has one of the most complicated suspension systems ever placed on an automobile.

Please note I have been on eBay since 2002 and have sold many collector cars all across the globe out of my collection.  More pictures are available at my website, just web search my name, I’m the first one up.

214 415 7373 m.

Jim Hailey

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