1967 250 SE Sunroof Coupe


This 1967 250 SE left the factory and was sold new in Nuremburg Germany.  Sometime in the late 70’s it made its way to southern California where I bought it two years ago.  It was in pieces as a thorough restoration had been started but stopped due to illness.  The engine and transmission have been rebuilt by no less than Mercedes in Germany.  The suspension had been restored already as well as the driveline.  I bought it as a project and am now finished.  Whew!  Bare metal repaint in the original color.  No hit body.  Restored original wood to the cost of almost $5,000!  New correct carpet, seats, foam, and the original wheel.  The door and side panels are original too and in good shape.  This was never a car thrown out to the elements.  No rust. 

The car is restored as it came from the factory, proof is below in pictures of the data card and factory build sheet via Mercedes Benz Classic Center.  I added a period correct Mercedes radio.  Power sunroof (restored), power antenna (restored), radio delete car originally, leather, and ONE headrest were the options!  Yes just one for the passenger seat and it is included and restored.  I placed the correct European headlights back in the car, they had been changed to American lamps when the car was originally brought over as that was the law in America then. 

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