1980 Fleetwood Brougham with 7.5 Liter 455 cubic inch V8. Rare Princess Green with Jade crushed velour interior


1 owner vehicle, purchased from his estate by myself. Rare colors and interior, but most importantly it has the one fix all the 1980 to 1992 Fleetwood or Broughams need; MORE HORSEPOWER! These post energy crisis Cadillacs had incredible styling and money thrown at them stylistically to try and make up for diminishing performance due to CAFE standards and GM’s edict: no car of theirs will suffer a gas guzzler tax. Even the 5.7 Liter 90 to 92 Broughams were saddled with a guzzler tax when sold new.

This rare pup was ordered new with the now infamous Oldsmobile 5.7 Liter diesel V8. When the original engine died early, as most did from head to block separation, a professionally rebuilt Oldsmobile 7.5 Liter was installed in its place. A nice fact about the diesel in these cars was the driveline was heavy duty to cope with the diesel’s significant torque, even though we all know they had low hp. So the original turbo 400 transmission and GM corporate heavy duty 8.5 ring gear was retained as it is literally ideal. Also ideal was the 3.08 rear axle ratio. So in the Fleetwood you have the longest lasting big block by GM, the transmission Rolls Royce, Mercedes, and Porsche copied, and commercial grade differential and pe4ecr axle ration most of these Cadillacs were saddled with no less than a 2.41 rear axle ratio, further hampering performance. What we have here is an ideal Fleetwood.

What all this blabber means is this Fleetwood can run with the LT1 Fleetwoods from 1994 to 1996 without having to deal with bloated eye sores. It also means this Fleetwood can tolerate extreme conditions and treatment being the entire driveline was designed before GM got too cheap and subsequently too dysfunctional.

 Original paint present on this Fleetwood except for the top only of the rear passenger door and of course the replaced bumper fillers. The headliner, visors, and, and interior sail panels have all been redone as well in the original perfectly matched jade. This means this Fleetwood can take hot temperatures without the absolute failure of these aged parts. All lights, options, electric motors, antenna, radio, speakers, brakes, engine , transmission, mirrors, defrosters, heat, ac, and fiber optics work as intended when new. The car has 79,000 miles while the engine has about 20,000 miles. No squeaks, rattles, vibrations, or suspension/steering wear is discernible. These were WELL made cars with rather sloppy fit and finish by today’s standards. Ask anyone familiar with GM back in the day and they will say this car should go way, way, over 100k miles from now with any real issues or cost. Imagine saying that about a similar year luxury car made by any maker.




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