Classic Vintage Antique Collector Cadillac/Mercedes-Benz and Others


Below are pictures of our current collector automobiles as well as some of the past cars we have owned and/or restored. My grandfather and father were into cars so I naturally progressed into what you see below.
I love all type of cars and brands.  To me they are all a new experience and learning curve.  I grew up desiring traditional American luxury but I gravitated toward performance.  

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1959 Eldorado Biarritz

1 of 1,320 produced and one of approximately less than 300 remaining worldwide.  Recently awarded best in class and best paint at the 62nd annual Dallas Autorama by International Car Show Association judges (ICSA) which is more prestigious by far than the Cadillac Grand National 

1967 Mercedes 250 SE

Rare sunroof, automatic transmission, European model that was delivered new in Nuremburg.  Bare metal repaint in original color, all chrome, wood, and leather redone as well.  Thank you to Mercedes Benz Classic Center for your help.


1972 Mark IV

1972 Lincoln with only 27,350 miles.  Factory sunroof car with ALL original paint

1972 280 SEL 4.5 Liter

All records since new! Literally!

1978 Seville

Only 34,838 original miles, 5.7 Liter gasoline with factory bendix computer controlled port fuel injection.  Extremely well preserved with incredible colors and options


1978 Fleetwood Brougham  

Very well preserved original with only 46k miles.  Very rare upper body stainless and chrome moldings.





1979 Lincoln Mark V, 22k original miles

1980 Cadillac Fleetwood Coupe

34k miles.  Beyond extremely rare (if you are in the Cadillac cognoscenti) with the utmost desirable 6.0 Liter V8 and of course the turbo 400 transmission.  Early build with the Fleetwood script on front fenders which were cancelled later in 1980.  Extremely well preserved original.

1981 Fleetwood Brougham D’Elegance, 6 Litre V8 gasoline, Low Miles and All Original Paint

1981 Corvette with 9,136 original miles.  All original paint and have original wheels and tires.  Only one of 1,092 mahogany Vette’s painted that year.  NCRS top flight awarded with all original paperwork and window sticker.


1982 Buick Electra Park Avenue with 36k miles and all original paint.  Obviously one of the best survivors in existence.  Working opera and dash electroluminescent lights.

1983 Fleetwood Coupe with Factory Astroroof, extremely rare Heavy Duty Suspension, and only 27,458 original miles.  Nice factory two tone pin stripe and memory seats.


1984 Eldorado Biarritz convertible with only 31k original miles.  All original paint and Dallas Texas car since new.  Roger Meier dealer car, where I worked at when in college.  Fresh out of long term storage.

1986 F150 Lariat with low miles, all original paint, and factory trailer tow package with the venerable 302 V8. Yes that is actually the original paint in the bed.

1987 Corvette, 5k original miles.  Known history of only 2 owners.   Orig. Gatorback tires.  Rated at Quarter mile 14.4 @97 mph

1989 Cadillac (Fleetwood) Brougham Delegance.  Astroroof, leather, factory wire wheels. A very heavily optioned ideally preserved 5.0 Liter.


1990 Jimmy with only 52k miles, great original with mostly original paint.  Was all original paint when I got it but I couldn’t live with some scratches. Pictures tell the well preserved story. 

1990 Fleetwood triple black with astroroof, cd player, heated windshield, memory seats, leather, and auto dimming mirror.  64k miles, recorded history with paperwork.


1992 Mustang GT Convertible with extremely low miles.  Wild Strawberry red metallic.  White leather, and purchased from original owner.  One of 266 GT convertibles made in 1992 in this color.

1995 S600 Coupe with only 34,145 miles.  Dallas Texas car since new.  One of only 539 imported into the USA in 1995.  Only 8,573 of these were made for worldwide consumption during its 8 year body style run.  Around 14.2 in the quarter mile at 100 mph.  Weight is 4,930 lbs!

The C140 coup√©s were really the product of a 1980s arms race between¬†BMW¬†and¬†Mercedes. Work on the design began in the mid-‚Äô80s, with a supposed release date of 1987.¬† This generation of S-Class is alleged to have cost $1billion in development; the production delays are said to have cost DBAG‚Äôs chief engineer his job. Some 45lbs lighter and 3.8 inches shorter than the four-door S-Class, the C140 coup√©s made their debut at the Detroit Auto Show in 1992. The choice of an American show to launch the C140 reflects that nation‚Äôs appetite for big, luxurious two-door cars (look how big our cars and trucks are now).¬† The 600, with its proud ‚ÄėV12‚Äô C pillar badges, was significant in that it was Mercedes‚Äô first production 12-cylinder model in DBAG‚Äôs history.¬† ¬†It was also the fastest four-seater production car in the world at the time; with its 48-valve, four-camshaft (with adjustable inlet technology) engine.¬† Originally rated at 408 hp it was detuned to 394 to pass emissions.¬† It was the first Benz with side air bags.¬†¬†


Porsche paint code L25D and it is called Turquoise Metallic.  Wonderful rare color last years air cooled variant 911.



1996 Cadillac Eldorado Coach-builders Limited convertible

22,226 original miles and all original paint and top.  Simply mint preserved pretty Caddy.

The absolute first built 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII Collector Series with only 13k original miles.

2001 SL600 with AMG sport package, rare all option R129.
Panorama top, solid hardtop, and 32,792 original miles.  Factory 2 piece mono block wheels.  Rated at Quarter mile in 14.1 at 103 mph.  Weighs approx. 4,425 lbs.

2002 Mercedes Benz C32 AMG.  1 owner and all records.  49k miles.
All original paint.  Quarter mile rating is 13.7 @ 104 mph.  The epitome of the wolf in sheep’s clothing.   Fastest Mercedes sedan ever made when introduced.  

2006 Ducati ST3s sport tourer motorcycle.  Purchased from the original owner of Porsche racing fame Charles Mendez.  Picture  over Santa Fe New Mexico and the bike without panniers on.  Quarter is rating is 11.7 mph @ 112 mph

2007 BMW 750i with 44k original miles.  

All original paint including the bumpers.  Weighs 4,486 lbs and rated at 13.9 secs at 103 mph in the quarter mile.  Heavily optioned short wheelbase 7 Series.  


2007 CLK63, 1 of only 143 made for all years for the USA market.  Quarter mile rating was 12.5 secs and 116 mph.  Weighs 4,113 lbs. and was $93,000 when new.  79k whopping miles!  Mom’s car who was in the SCCA.   

2009 Porsche 911 Turbo cabriolet with tons of rare options and… tiptronic (last year).¬† This is a 997.1 and a half.¬† Very low miles (27k) and does the quarter mile in 11.6 @ 122 mph.¬† Weighs 3,580 lbs. ¬†Leather covered dash vents, yes each slat is covered (rare and fun).


2012 Escalade awd with most options and high miles at 89k.

2015 S550 with 27k miles and black ruby metallic.  Quarter mile rated 13.4 @ 110 mph.  Two set of wheels and tires  OEM run flats and amg multi spokes plus Maybach wheels and tires.

2015 California T with 14k miles and lots of spec.  Rated around 11.3 sec quarter @128 mph.  Weighs 4064 lbs, and ppf on front bumper, hood, and mirrors.  Incredibly great driving automobile.

2019 Hellcat Redeye widebody with 7K original miles. ¬†11.6@128 mph, traction very limited. ¬†4,443 lbs; two sets of wheels‚ÄĒfactory matte black rims plus forged bronze Demon type. ¬†Matte black ppf added on hood, sides, and clear ppf on all vulnerable areas.

2021 TITAN Pro4X.  Quarter mile in 15.2 secs at 94 mph.  Weighs 5,932 lbs!



1959 Eldorado Biarritz

1967 250SE Sunroof Coupe

1972 280SEL 4.5

1972 Lincoln Mark IV

1978 Seville

1978 Fleetwood

1979 Lincoln

1980 Fleetwood Coupe

1981  Fleetwood

1981 Corvette

1982 Park Avenue

1983 Fleetwood Coupe

1984 Eldorado Biarritz Cvt

1986 F150 Lariat

1987 Corvette Convertible

1989 Brougham Delegance

1990 Jimmy

1990 Fleetwood

1992 Mustang 

1995 S600 Coupe

1996 Eldorado Convertible

1996 C2 6spd. Cab.

1998 Mark VIII

2001 SL600

2002 C32

2006 Ducati ST3s

2007 750i

2007 CLK63 Cabriolet

2009 911 Turbo Cabriolet

2012 Escalade

2015 S550

2015 California T

2019 Challenger Hellcat Redeye Widebody

2021 Titan Pro4x





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